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Experience. Respect. Results.

Working with Friedman & Friedman, P.A., you get more than professional legal representation, you get a team of attorneys who will work zealously and diligently to see your case through to a successful outcome.


Founded in 1986, we are a full service law firm offering expertise in various legal areas such as Workers' Compensation, Construction Site Accidents, Auto Accidents and Slip and Fall accidents.


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We are also bi-lingual in Spanish.



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Compensation for your Loss

Injured on the job? Want to know what your options are?


Workers’ compensation law in New Jersey is designated to provide medical treatment, wage replacement and monetary benefits for those injured in the course of their employment.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Friedman & Friedman, P.A. has been zealously representing clients with their Workers' Compensation Law matters in New Jersey for the past 34 years.



Satisfactory Resolution

Accidents at construction sites often result in catastrophic injuries.

Friedman & Friedman, P.A. has a team of experts ready to advise our clients on Construction Law related matters in New Jersey.


We understand that a construction site accident can go from simple to complicated very quickly and that is why we extend our legal experiences to serve and help navigate our clients.


For more information, give our office a call now.


Justice for You

Friedman & Friedman, P.A. has been practicing Personal Injury Law for over 34 years, specializing in areas such as automobile accidents, premise liability including falls, fallen ceiling, dog bite to name a few with numerous successful results.

If you sustain an injury as a result of a negligently maintained property, such as broken sidewalks, improperly maintained staircases or any other negligently maintained property we will pursue a premise liability case.


Our New Jersey clients can count on our Personal Injury department to manage their legal process as zealously and efficiently as possible to achieve a successful outcome. 

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